EXRi50-172R-S-1850-M01 REV A

EXRi50-172R-S-1850-M01 REV A

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The EXRi50 series fan pack is a fully integrated assembly that has been aerodynamically designed to deliver high efficiency flow rates at static operating point 25 pascal (0.10 in-H2O) and below. It is suited to low power evaporator applications. The motor has an external rotor design with the motor lamination and windings over-molded to assist in giving maximum ingress protection.

Part Specification

  • EXRi50‐172R‐S‐1850‐M01 (Rev A)
  • EXRi50‐15‐6301 Motor
  • Ø 172mm Fan Blade & Ring
  • Cut Sides
  • 1850rpm – 305mm Cable
  • 120/230 VAC 50/60 Cycle

Download The Datasheet Here